Punay Hike Lost Pyramid Alausi Ecuador Trekking


250 $ / person – from 2 people

240 $ / person – from 4 people

Puñay is one of the most important archeological site in Ecuador, as it is a pre-Incan pyramid built 2400 years BC on the peak of a mountain in the Andes. It is not known how long ago the site was actually discovered. In 2007, Puñay has been declared as a “Spiritual Patrimony of the Peoples and Nations of Humanity”. After late research with Carbon-14, searcher could say that Puñay Lost Pyramids are older than the Inca constructions of Machu Picchu. Discover it in our Puñay Hike Lost Pyramid Alausi Ecuador Trekking


In 2003 archaeologists undertook a survey of the ruins and through careful study, using modern technology, the ruins were mapped out and it became clear that they took the form of a bird. This was confirmed later by aerial photography. The shape of the pyramid complex is significant, as the Macaw or Guacamaya, considered sacred in Andean Cultures and is a prominent feature on ceremonial jars and pots. It has been suggested that Cerro Puñay may have been a ceremonial religious center for the Canari people who according to legend, are descended from the Macaw.


Difficulty : Moderate to Hard
Range of Altitude :
2'590 to 3'260 m. / 8'500 to 10'700 ft.
Distance Covered :
Approx. 5 km. / 3 miles


Our Trek Puñay Hike Lost Pyramid Alausi Ecuador Trekking is one of the most “off the beaten track” hike in Ecuador. From the top of the lost pyramid Puñay, you will observe stunning Sunsets as its one of the best Sunset Spots in the South American Andes highlands. The Pyramid of Puñay, Ecuador, is considered the longest step pyramid with its 440 meters and 40 meters tall. Built at 3245 metres above sea level making it the highest located pyramid in the world.


One of the reasons that Puñay has laid undiscovered for so long is because of erosion and the build up of biomass on the surface of the site which has slightly affected the temples structure making it appear to be an extension of the mountain when viewed from afar. Rumors and myths of great wealth and treasures have been lost, as Cerro Puñay has been subject to vandalism, with items of value most likely removed. Many believe that the pyramid is the one spoken of in Quechua legends of a lost pyramid with golden artifacts. It’s why we call this trek the Puñay Hike Lost Pyramid Alausi Ecuador Trekking !

Meals included : Day 1 L/D – Day 2 B/L
(B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner)

Day 1 - Riobamba to Santa Rosa

We leave the city of Riobamba at 9AM to the city of Chunchi, approximately 3 hours, then we move to the Santa Rosa community located at the base of Puñay Mount, place where starts the trek of approx. 2 hours. Once at the top we set up camp and if the weather permits we can appreciate a stunning sunset, one of the best in the territory of the Andes.

Day 2 - Puñay back to Riobamba

This day begins at 7 AM with a breakfast and a breathtaking view of the sunrise, then set off and start the descent to the base 9.30 AM. Then we will move to the Pistishí parish where we will taste a traditional lunch and visit the trail to the viewpoint of the Devil’s Nose, on the way back to the city of Riobamba visit the lagoon of Colta and the Balbanera Church, the first church built in South America. We are ending the tour in Riobamba around 6 PM.

  • Private Transportation <-> Riobamba YES
  • Meals during the Trek (L/D/B/L) YES
  • Camping tent, sleeping bag YES
  • Mules to transport equipment YES
  • Local Guide YES
  • Lodging in Riobamba NOT
  • Tips NOT

Puñay Hike Lost Pyramid Alausi Ecuador Trekking


Puñay Pyramid, Beautiful Sunset


Best Time May - September


Hike Puñay Mount to see the most beautiful sunset in Ecuador.

Puñay Hike Lost Pyramid Alausi Ecuador Trekking



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