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Budget Galapagos Land Tour Santa Cruz Isabela Islands

Land Tours Galapagos Islands Hopping Ecuador

Our Land Tours Galapagos Islands Hopping Ecuador Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands let you enjoy the main attractions, which include a visit to Sierra Negra Volcano’s massive crater, Los Tuneles or Cabo Rosa Tunnels, Tintoreras Islet and Concha Perla, Shark resting grounds, Flamingo Lagoon.


Seahorse shaped Isabela Island is the largest island of the Galapagos Archipelago with an area of 4’588 It is almost 4 times larger than Santa Cruz. Though originally called Albemarle after the Duke of Albemarle, it was later rechristened as Isabela in honor of Queen Isabel who sponsored the voyage of Columbus. Magic of Isabela & Santa Cruz Land Tours Galapagos Islands Hopping Ecuador are land-based include multiple travel packages and trips styles focusing on Isabela. Being the most beautiful and versatile of the islands in the Galapagos, it has amazing wildlife and beauty trove to mesmerize visitors.


Some of our Land Tours feature an amazing daily navigable travel plan with the perfect length for a family vacation or solo travelers alike. You can travel to three of the Galapagos Islands: Santa Cruz & Isabela Island plus navigable islands (either Bartolomé, North Seymour, Santa Fe or Plazas). Activities include hiking, snorkeling, swimming and breathtaking sightseeing. Explore one of the most awesome landscapes in the world while accompanied by a bilingual naturalist guides and staying at the hotel class of your choice. Galapagos land tours will also offer you the chance to see Giant Galapagos tortoises and the feeding ground for whales, fish, dolphin and birds. Waters of the west coast of the island are known to play host to 16 species of whales, including humpbacks, sei, minkes and orcas, some of which you may be able to see if you are lucky.

Land Tours Galapagos Islands Hopping Ecuador

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